Catown is smart

  • The project is based on a single clip with 4 grafts at 90 ° – 180 ° – 270 ° – 360 ° – simplicity and usability are guaranteed!
  • Two Catown modules are perfect under any table or desk – it’s functional and takes up little space
  • The cat-house grows over time thanks to the panel module with different access options, privacy and gaming – a small investment to be tackled a little at a time.
  • A Catwon cube is perfect inside the shelf of that famous Swedish furniture company – it saves space.
  • The Cat-house is also bookcase, small table, footrest, bedside table … you decide – one object, more functions.
  • The panels are rotatable. It’s a great advantage especially for the one with the passage holes is a great advantage: you can use it to let your cat pass inside the modules both when you put them vertically or horizontally – always reconfigurable and usable.

Catown is design

  • Today everything is “design” … Catown, according to us, is really design because it is a functional, ergonomic product for us cats, industrialized, modern in the production
  • It’s italian design, from the idea to the production
  • In our opinion, as a design object, it must be robust and durable. Try it!
  • As a design object it must be intelligent (and I told you before how smart it is) and also stable because we jump on it. So, it is really stable with its wide base of support
  • And then there’s aesthetics and it’s a versatile aesthetic. We have chosen a linear style, warm as only wood can be and customizable, which fits into any environment.
catown cuccia gatto design cat bed

In a meow

A satisfaction, as Catown is built! It is a practical and intelligent system, that’s why it is “smart” and it’s also “design” because it combines aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and usability for your fantastic cat and for you.

Word of cat Mia.

logo catown cat kennel