Catown is saving

  • From the second cube onwards, you will always save the cost of a panel because Catown is not made of stacking cubes, but of cubes that are built with clips and every module has one side in common with those adjacent.
  • Since Catown is modular, you can start from a single module and expand your cat-house a little bit a time, from a single cube to a real palace
  • Because the scratching post in cardboard is made with recovered boxes, when you will have to replace it because of the numerous scratches, you can buy a new one from us or make a scratching post yourself at home. We have prepared the track to be superimposed on any cardboard box or other material to cut out the new scratching post. The track is ready to be downloaded from the site
  • Even the elastic used to close the scratching post could be damaged by the cat. You can buy that item again on our site, or replace it with any other lanyard or elastic. We are practical!

… and reuse

  • Double face panels give two aesthetic solutions in one; depending on which you leave outside, the box change style
  • The modules are always reconfigurable putting together different panels: a single panel can change the functionality and appearance of your Catown
  • Catown can also become part of the furniture of your home: use it as a coffee table (with a pillow underneath for the cat), footrest, bedside table, bookcase
  • The packaging box is reusable: keep it aside to use it when you go on holiday to contain the disassembled Catown module and transport it easily thanks to the handle that turns it into a convenient case
catown gatti cuccia cat basket bed

In a meow

At Catown we follow the saying “What you save, you buy”. We are careful about the world we live in. Any suggestion? I quote Mae West “Save the water, take a shower with a friend”, interesting is not it?

Suggest of cat Lea.

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