Catown is personalization

  • With the modules put as you want, one, one thousand, one hundred thousand; and below I’ll explain you well
  • With the colors you prefer; if you choose water colors to paint the birch wood panels it’s better: they do not stink (and here they say they are healthy)
  • With the name of your feline friend on the panels of Catown: choose the font you prefer, send us the name and you will receive everything already customized
  • With double-faced panels, on one side our classic birch wood, on the other one of the Catown graphics. Which one do you prefer?
  • With one of the limited artist runs. Keep an eye on our graphic designs from various illustrators and artists and order them as soon as you see them. Would you like to propose a graphic for our limited runs? Write to us at
  • With a creative use. In addition to Catown for your cat, buy one for yourself and use it as a bedside table, bookcase, footrest … unleash your imagination

In a meow

With Catown you always play. The other cat-houses, instead, are made and finished. You can trasform Catown as you please and your cat starts to explore. Cool, right? I’m always ready to play with it, and I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been playing since  I was born!

Hello from cat Mario.

logo catown cat kennel