catown cat box gatto scatola cartone

Catown is game

  • It’s a game starting from the shape: every module looks like a box. How much we like the boxes..!
  • It’s a game to be explored: thanks to the internal passages between modules, the horizontal and vertical development. Built as a small tower, it gives us a high vantage point from which to control everything and everyone
  • It’s a hunter’s game: we can free our predator instinct thanks to the holes from which to get the paw out and the cracks between the modules from which to spy
  • It’s game and training: when we grow up, it helps us to keep fit by moving from one module to another and by using the built-in scratching post, which also gives us serenity because it tells everyone “this territory is mine”

Catown is rest

  • Rest is assured because the more closed module gives privacy and also allows you to open one eye and have control of what happens outside the box, thanks to the spaces between the panels
  • Rest always and everywhere. Catown modules are easy to transport even on holiday, so we have our familiar reference point: very relaxing
  • Comfortable rest with pillows that complete the feline bed.
catown cat box bed cuccia gatto

In a meow

Catown is for cats of all ages: it makes us play as kids, keep fit as adults, rest with tranquility as seniors. It is a balanced kennel for us, designed from cat to cat.

I’m Lana. Here they cal me Mum Lana.

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