Catown for Resellers

Would you like to become a Catown retailer and offer your customers the opportunity to purchase a modular cat bed directly in the store, making them choose how they want it? You got it!

With our Reseller program we give the opportunity to all pet shops to set up Catown directly in the store.

With a designed kit for your store you can show and let touch the configurable Catown system you will obtaining some sales tools too. Receive the kit by express courier, in the same case where Catown is always sold. Inside:

– a Catown module composed of at least one panel per type so as to evaluate with hand every configurable solution

– the clips necessary for assembly

– 4 test clips to show and test the joint configuration system

– a sticker to be affixed outside of your business “I support animal friends together with Catown”

– a 30 × 30 cm showcase sign

– 1 product catalog with prices to the public

– the modules needed to order the desired Catown and the various accessories


No stock or early purchases

You do not have to order 5, 50, 100 Catown. One is enough, the one in the kit so you use it as a sample, while your warehouse is all available to you and you do not even have to buy the product in advance. Two good advantages.

Since this is a cat-friendly custom kennel, it is your customers who tell you, with the help of the catalog and order forms, how they want their Catowns. You simply collect the requests, make you pay at that time and send the order. The price you offer Catown is the same that your customer finds online on the site, except for special promotional initiatives and coupon discounts.

To simplify the steps, you can order directly online. Just request a dedicated profile by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. For each order you will receive an invoice in electronic format.

You will be entered as a reseller on our website and promoted on our social pages. Catown in this way will become an outpost of your business: an extra promotion on new channels!


The advantages for the customer

For all those people who still do not trust online shopping it is reassuring to know that they can buy Catown in their trusted shop.

The customer can see and touch our products by being advised by you, who has long known and esteemed.

The customer also returns to the store to collect the product.

altra cuccia altre fusa catown

We maintain our commitment because it is not a commitment

It is not a commitment or a mission. Catown was born to make cats live better, everyone. For this reason, as a company we support some voluntary activities that help the felines and we collaborate in promoting awareness initiatives for the less fortunate cats.

Also you can support this initiative by joining the Reseller program. Every 100 Catown modules sold, we are committed to donating one, among those available in stock, to one of the Feline Oasis or non-profit associations registered in the program “Altra cuccia, altre fusa”.