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Not only kennels for cats

With Catown you build comfortable cat houses that you will also appreciate because they are based on an smart modular system, attentive to your spaces. It is smart thanks to the well-designed aesthetics, easy to insert in any context, and to the well-studied shape. Two stacked Catown modules fit comfortably under most tables or desks. A single module has the perfect dimensions to fit in a compartment of the popular library of that famous Swedish company. The Catown logic does not end there. When it “renounces” a panel your cube can become a practical bookcase, two Catown connected to each other are a base for a table. Free your imagination and exploit Catown according to your needs.



You will receive your Catown inside a practical case to store for other uses or to be used to put again the kennel in case of transport. The transfer is so easy and your cat will have the peace of mind to find a familiar environment wherever you go.
Our packaging is small and a discrete, almost minimalist graphics, so you can reuse it as you wish.
Inside, if you keep it for transfers, you will find the printed assembly instructions so you do not have to think about where you’ll put the instruction booklet and the whole world save on paper and forests. Costs optimized for everyone, therefore, and even spaces: in a Catown case you can store up to 11 panels, those necessary to assemble two modules, and the relative clips.

catown cat box bed cuccia gatto


The Catown panels are made of birch plywood, FSC® certified, treated with a transparent protective natural varnish that guarantees a healthy environment for your cat, for you and for your family. You can choose between:

neutral panels of the natural color of the birch
panels with predefined graphic elements, printed on one of the two sides of the panel
panels with names or phrases printed on one of the two sides of the panel; the phrase, the number or the name of your cat must be written during ordering, when you can also choose the typeface to use and the color

Do you want to customize Catown yourself? Our multilayer panels are easy to color. Use a water-based paint, a roller and a cloth to stay clean the floor or any support to lean on the panel. We suggest you to color only one side so that you can use the opposite one to restore the original look or to customize it later with a second color.