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Cookie Policy


In order to improve the browsing experience, this website uses “cookies”. “Cookies” are small pieces of data that are temporarily stored in the memory of your browser to compare new visitors from those who have already visited the pages of the site, to understand how users navigate the site, and generally they allow a better browsing experience.

“Cookies” do not record any personal information and any identifiable information will not be stored. At any time you can disable the use of “cookies” by customizing the settings of your browser used for internet browsing, setting the cancellation of all “cookies” or activating a warning message when the “cookies” are stored.

If you want to proceed without modifying the application of “cookies” it is sufficient to continue browsing the site. More information is available at


Indispensable”Cookies”. They are those essential to the navigation of the website and its features, such as, for example, to access the protected and reserved areas of the site. Without these “cookies” some necessary features, such as filling out a contact form or a request for a quote, can not be used.

Performance “Cookies”. They collect information on how visitors use it. For example, which pages are most visited, if you receive error pages from web pages. This type of “cookies” do not collect information that can identify a visitor; this information collected is aggregated and therefore absolutely anonymous. The purpose of the “cookies” performance is to improve the functioning of the site itself. By using our website you agree that “cookies” can be stored on your device.

Functional “Cookies”. They allow the site to remember the choices made by the user such as the name and language of origin and provide customized advanced features. This type of “cookies” can also be used to provide services that have been requested by the user such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information that are collected by this type of “cookies” can be made anonymous and they are not able to monitor your browsing activity on other websites. By using this site, you agree that these “cookies” can be installed on your device.

Advertising “Cookies”. They are used to personalize the sending of information and advertising messages. Some common uses of “cookies” include the selection of advertising based on what is relevant to a user based on the information gathered from his visits on this and other websites and the possibility of avoiding the display of ads that the user has Already seen. By using this site, you agree that these “cookies” can be installed on your device.


You can configure the browser used for navigation to delete or to prevent the installation of “cookies”. The deactivation of some “cookies” could prevent the correct operation of the site. The user at any time can check which “cookies” are installed, what is their duration and decide whether to delete them. Every browser has its own procedure to perform these checks and operations. Here the links for the most popular browsers:




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