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Catown is welfare

  • Because the clips are in plastic, but they are made of recycled plastic
  • Because the panels are made of natural FSC certified birch wood, which in practice means it’s like what is used to be, without glues and chemicals and formaldehyde
  • Because the Catown modules allow a good air recirculation thanks to the distance between the panels, so we breathe well and we can also keep an eye on the situation from the cracks. Not bad, I have to admit it.
  • Because Catown was born to make cats live better, every single one of them. For this reason, our company support some voluntary activities that help the felines and we collaborate in promoting awareness initiatives for the less fortunate cats.

In a meow

Welfare, health, we must think about it. In my day, we didn’t paid attention. And you know how many ailments today. So think right now about what you’re breathing: your cat, you, your children, your friends. And make you sure to create a comfortable and quality environment.

I’m talking from experience here. Grandfather Cat Otto.

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