Terms of payment

In order to make your shopping even easier, we offer to you only safe and certified payment methods. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. Since security is a priority for Catown.it, we make sure that all sensitive information is encrypted and we offer to you the opportunity to pay conveniently with Credit Card, PayPal, Postepay or Bank Transfer.


Secure online credit card

Making payments online with a credit card is absolutely risk free when secure payment protocols are used with systems to safeguard privacy.

Catown.it takes care of your security and for this reason your credit card details will be transmitted when you give the authorization to use the money and the debit; this happens through a secure connection in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. How does it work? Basically, the SSL encryption rewrites the data according to secret codes so nobody can read them during the transfer through Internet; this guarantees the integrity of online commercial transactions in general, and for those who purchase personal information about the cardholder and the card number. Catown.it will only receive the authorization given by the card manager.

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It is a good idea to always check the presence of the https certificate on the sites in which you are about to make purchases, which indicates the use of SSL encryption, and the lock. Where do you find them? They are indicated in the bar of the internet address where you are browsing.