Why Catown

Catown improves cats' life

To play, keep fit, relax, isolate yourself. Catown!
A single form for a thousand needs.
The kennel to built tailored to your cat or to buy in already-made kit.
To be personalized. Only limit: your own imagination.
And to make everyone feel good, but everyone, projects for the less fortunate felines and for a better cat-human knowledge.
Catown, from cats to cats.



Every day we work to build kennels for cats which are smart products. We want they, even in a small space, to be able to entertain, train and rest your friend feline (or friends!) and at the same time we want they to like you and to be easy to use and manage. We care a lot about the appearance of our basic wooden cat house module because we want everyone to feel comfortable putting it in their home. Your opinions on this matter are also important to us. If you want to share them, write to us info@catown.it.

catown cuccia gatto design componibile modulare